When someone says this, they mean that their feet are hurting

Moral high ground
If people have/take/claim/seize, etc, the moral high ground, they claim that their arguments, beliefs, etc, are morally
superior to those being put forward by other people.
More haste, less speed
The faster you try to do something, the more likely you are to make mistakes that make you take longer than it would
had you planned it.
More heat than light
If a discussion generates more heat than light, it doesn’t provide answers, but does make people angry.
More than meets the eye
If there is more than meets the eye to something, it is more complex or difficult than it appears.
More than one string to their bow
A person who has more than one string to their bow has different talents or skills to fall back on.
More than one way to skin a cat
When people say that there is more than one way to skin a cat, they mean that there are different ways of achieving
the same thing.
Mountain to climb
If you have a mountain to climb, you have to work hard or make a lot of progress to achieve something.
Move mountains
If you would move mountains to do something, you would make any effort to achieve your aim. When people say that
faith can move mountains, they mean that it can achieve a lot.
Move the goalposts
When people move the goalposts, they change the standards required for something to their advantage.
Mover and shaker
A person who is a mover and shaker is a highly respected, key figure in their particular area with a lot of influence and
Much ado about nothing
If there’s a lot of fuss about something trivial, there’s much ado about nothing.
Mud in the fire
The things that cannot be changed in the past that we usually forget about are mud in the fire.
Mud in your eye
This is a way of saying ‘cheers’ when you are about to drink something, normally alcohol.
If someone is mud-slinging, they are insulting someone and trying to damage that person’s reputation.
Muddy the waters
If somebody muddies the waters, he or she makes the situation more complex or less clear.
Mum’s the word
When people use this idiom, they mean that you should keep quiet about something and not tell other people.
Murder will out
This idiom means that bad deeds can’t be kept secret forever.
Murky waters
Where people are behaving in morally and ethically questionable ways, they are in murky waters.
Music to my ears
If something someone says is music to your ears, it is exactly what you had wanted to hear.
Mutton dressed as lamb
Mutton dressed as lamb is term for middle-aged or elderly people trying to look younger.
My dogs are barking
(USA) When someone says this, they mean that their feet are hurting.
My eye
This idiom is added to an adjective to show that you disagree with it: ‘He’s shy.’ ‘Shy my eye- he’s just planning
something secret.’
My foot!
This idiom is used to show that you do not believe what someone has just said.
My hands are full
If your hands are full, you have so much to do that you cannot take on any more work, responsibilities and so on.
My hands are tied
If your hands are tied, you are unable to act for some reason.
My heart bleeds
If your heart bleeds for someone, you feel genuine sympathy and sadness for them.

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