Phân biệt alot/ lots of/ plenty/ a great deal với many/ much

22.2 Phân biệt alot/ lots of/ plenty/ a great deal với many/ much
Các thành ngữ trên đều có nghĩa tương đương với much/ many (nhiều) và most (đa phần).
A lot of/ lots of (informal) = a great deal/ a large number of/ much/ many (formal).
• Không có khác nhau gì mấy giữa a lot of và lots of. Chủ ngữ chính sau hai thành
ngữ này sẽ quyết định việc chia động từ.
a lot of
lots of
| uncountable noun + singular
| plural noun + plural verb
A lot of time is needed to learn a language.
Lots of us think it’s time for an election.
• Plenty of được dùng phổ biến trong informal English.
Don’t rush, there’s plenty of time.
Plenty of shops take checks.
• A large a mount of = a great deal of + non-count noun (formal English)
I have thrown a large amount of old clothing.
Mr Lucas has spent a great deal of time in the Far East.
• A lot và a great deal có thể được dùng làm phó từ và vị trí của nó là ở cuối câu.
On holiday we walk and swim a lot.
The gorvernment seems to change its mind a great deal.
22.3 More & most
• More + noun/noun phrase: dùng như một định ngữ
We need more time.
More university students are having to borrow money these day.
• More + of + personal/geographic names
It would be nice to see more of Ray and Barbara.
(Rất hay khi được gặp Ray và Barbara thường xuyên hơn.)
Five hundred years ago, much more of Britain was covered with trees.
(500 năm trước đây, đa phần nước Anh phủ nhiều rừng hơn bây giờ nhiều)
• More of + determiner/pronoun (a/ the/ my/ this/ him/ them…)
He is more of a fool than I thought
(Nó là một thằng ngu hơn tôi tưởng nhiều)
Three more of the missing climbers have been found.
Could I have some more of that smoked fish.
I don’t think any more of them want to come.
• One more/ two more… + noun/ noun phrase
There is just one more river to cross.
• Nhưng phải dùng cardinal number (số đếm) + noun + more (Five dollars more)
nếu more mang nghĩa thêm nữa.
He has contributed $50, and now he wants to contribute $50 more.
• Most + noun = ða phần, đa số
Most cheese is made from cow’s milk.
Most Swiss people understand French.
• Most + determiner/ pronoun (a, the, this, my, him…) = Hầu hết…
He has eaten 2 pizzas and most of a cold chicken.
Most of my friends live abroad.
She has eaten most of that cake.
Most of us thought he was wrong.
• Most cũng được dùng thay cho một danh từ, nếu ở trên, danh từ hoặc chủ ngữ đó
đã được nhắc đến.
Some people had difficulty with the lecture, but most understood.
Ann and Robby found a lot of blackberries, but Susan found the most.
• Most + adjective khi mang nghĩa very (không phổ biến)
That is most kind of you.
Thank you for a most interesting afternoon.

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